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  • Katie Ormerod

Training in Lockdown

The last 6 months have been a bit of a whirlwind due to covid-19. It was the most amazing feeling to end the 2019/2020 season by winning my first overall Snowboard Slopestyle World Cup title, but with the season cut short and Olympic qualifications just around the corner, I had to keep my training mindset during lockdown as I didn’t know how long it would last and also how long covid-19 was here to stay.

The Snowboard Olympic qualifications for Beijing 2022 were originally supposed to begin in New Zealand this August; but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to covid-19. Despite this, I still have to make sure I am physically and mentally ready for when the winter season eventually begins. I wanted to make the most out of the situation and put all my energy into training – whatever way possible. I started my days with a morning stretch, which I recorded live on Instagram, so other people could join in with me and start the day on a positive note. I would then do a strength workout in my garage which I converted into a home gym specifically for lockdown. I managed to get hold of some gym equipment such as a trap bar and multiple weights, which was enough to get me through my usual gym session. This was a huge relief as it meant I could continue progressing my strength training at home.

I made the most out of the government’s one run a day rule and continued to keep up with my running, which is something that I have always enjoyed doing as part of my cardio training. I also spent time on my training board which is a dry-land snowboard specifically made for practicing tricks statically on grass. I have a small rail feature, which I used to practice my rail tricks on, as this is very important as part of my Slopestyle training – Slopestyle consists of multiple jumps and rails and I get scored on how well I perform on each obstacle. The training board enables me to train at home and still get the feel of doing snowboarding tricks, even without snow. Skateboarding and basic Gymnastics were also high on my training list and I was able to do these in my back garden as well. It was great to fill my days with so much productivity and it was nice to be able to say I didn’t have enough hours in my day because of it.

Now things have started to slowly get back to normal again, I’ve been able to get back to Gymnastics training and also Snowboarding in a snow dome. Gymnastics training is important to me as a Snowboarder because both sports require spacial awareness, so having the opportunity to practice double somersaults and spins on a trampoline is very beneficial as it shares similarities to the tricks I do on my Snowboard.

Although it’s great to be back on my Snowboard in a snow dome, I cannot wait to be able to get back to the mountains when it is safe to do so and get stuck in to the Olympic qualifications.

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