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My favourite places to Snowboard

I get asked so many times where my favourite place to Snowboard is, but if I'm being changes allllll the time. Here are some of my favourites!

1. Stubai

I've always been a huge fan of Stubai, Austria because they have an amazing park! I've learnt most of my big tricks in Stubai mainly because of how fun, safe and easy the jumps feel. I get excited to go here every year and it's perfect for pre season around October/November time. I have to say, Stubai is also unbelievably beautiful! I find myself standing at the top of the drop in surrounded by snowy mountains for as far as the eye can see - It's basically Snowboarding in paradise!

2. Breckenridge

I've been going to Colorado, USA almost every year since I was 13 years old and from the first time I visited, I was hooked! It is pretty freezing but it still never ever put me off ( and I hate the cold). They have 2 great parks - A medium line with around 6 medium jumps and a big pro line with around 4 big jumps. The atmosphere is also crazy like nowhere else I have been! The piste and snow is always nice, making it fun to just cruise around the mountain too. Just make sure to wrap up warm as the park chairlift isn't the fastest.

3. Perisher

Whenever I tell people that Australia has snow, it always follows with looks of confusion and shock as I guess most people assume it is all super warm, but no! Perisher in NSW is definitely up there with one of my favourite places to Snowboard. It's not the biggest resort in the world but it sure is fun! It has a super quick lap by the park so you can generally get 1 lap done in 5 minutes!! I always have an amazing summer whenever I go there and I learn loads of new tricks due to the fast lap and the spring like conditions making the snow nice and soft. Jindabyne also has lots of Kangaroos and a lovely lake.

4. Laax

Laax, Switzerland is always my go to when people ask where my favourite place to Snowboard is, mainly because of how fun the whole resort is. It's a really big resort and the mountain range is gorgeous. They have a really long run called P60 which is top to bottom jumps and rails!! The Slopestyle course there is easily one of the best and biggest in the world as well! It's always a fun time (but make sure to pre drink before going partying because it is not cheap haha).

Katie O x

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